"Thrive" by Natasha Clark

“Thrive” by Natasha Clark

They don’t teach you in middle school or high school how to DO life, how to make decisions. They don’t teach you how to figure out who you are and what you believe and how to operate somewhere in the middle between not-letting-anything-compromise-your-values and being-open-to-new-and-better-ways-of-thinking. They don’t teach you how to communicate, how to make great chocolate chip cookies, how to get over a heartbreak, how to like yourself, how to be financially responsible, how to be honest even when it’s humiliating, and um, they certainly don’t teach you how to have good sex. (Because, as everyone knows, teenagers don’t have sex, especially if you just tell them not to.)

I want to provide my children with all those lessons and informations along with unequivocal, unconditional, unabashed adoration.

It’s often said, “You could get hit by a bus tomorrow!” i.e. Don’t waste time. A little while ago, it hit me in a deep way that I could die any day. Meanwhile, I have about 500 things I want to teach my children first.

This is a blog for my teenagers and my future teenagers. They are whom I address in each post. But, it is also for any teenager or young adult who is looking for a second opinion from someone who has nothing to gain or lose from their life choices; someone who tried a few drastically oppositional life strategies and finally landed on a few that have created joy, success, love, empowerment, and freedom in her life. (Me.)

So, here we go, kids. Becoming Something: 500 second opinions about how to grow up happy and awesome.

Starting now.

Leave a reply (appropriate for teenagers, as this is a blog written for my teens and yours). Thank you.

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